Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIY Batman Costume: Mask Part II

For Part I of this mask, go here.  For the rest of the costume, go here
Since the original post, I added a layer of Plasti Dip to much of the front of the mask to give it a better texture and make the color a little more matte.  It also helps keep the tape from turning up at the edges.
In this second installment, I changed the mask from a fun decoration to a more wearable mask.  I needed to change the chin strap, which was neither functional nor aesthetically correct, and I also needed to make a way to fasten the back of the mask together.

The back of the mask was easy.  I simply cut slits into either side of the back of the mask and used a single loop of velcro to close the gap.

Once the velcro loop was in, I realized the original chin strap no longer helped keep the mask together, so I cut it out.  However, there is definitely a chin strap in the actual mask, and the sides of the mask tend to balloon out unless they are held in somehow.  So I made a new chinstrap, and this time made it in two pieces that fasten together with Velcro.  To make this, I first made a strap using two pieces of duct tape. (A) I put the smaller piece face down onto the larger piece so that I essentially had a piece of duct-tape where only the very ends were sticky.  (B) Then, while wearing the mask, I stuck one end to one cheek of the mask, and  (C) brought it around and stuck the other side on the other cheek.  This pretty much re-created the original chin strap, but since I made it once the mask was already on, it fit much closer to my chin.  Then I cut the strap in the middle.  Next (D) I added a small piece of duct tape to one of the now two straps, and folded it over to make a little tab which extends the strap.  This allows me (E) to add Velcro to the end of each strap and keep the original length of the single piece strap.  That's it! (F).

Having completed the chin strap, I realized that the back of the mask was still flaring out.  After a bit of trial and error, I realized another strap like the chin strap but behind my neck was necessary.  I made this strap in the same way I made the chin strap, but this time behind my head.  Both straps ended up getting a bit of trimming so that they do not stab into the back of my head or my neck.  For the cowl I ended up just sewing a piece of black rayon/spandex into a neck gaiter (tube) which works well.

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