Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY Spartan Hoplite Costume

This year's Halloween costume is a re-vamp of my previous 300 costume.  This time I made a helmet, better spear, and armor (and managed to lose my cape somewhere...)  It's divided into different sections, so click the links below to check them out!  (The black long underwear and socks are recommended if you live somewhere that it might snow on Halloween).

Shield  (Aspis, or Hoplon)

Spear (Dory)

Body Amour (Linothorax)


For the original 300 costume, click here

For all costumes click here. For the Batman costume, click here.


  1. I wish I had your mad costuming skillz

  2. Hello.

    Ou man! Your costumes are reallllyy great !!! I want a hoplit costume for month and now I want to make it myself. Thanks a lot. Really good sites, very impresive. Thanks you a lot of!

  3. I want to make a hoplit helmet too.
    Your hoplit costume likes really good!

  4. Doesn't anyone know how to spell hoplite?