Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dinosaur Coloring Sheet

This is the line drawing from a birthday card I made for a friend which I only later realized might make a fun coloring page (see original version here).  Had to take a photo of a colored in version and then convert it back into a line drawing.  Not ideal.  The original drawing is only about 4x3 inches, so it may not print well too large. 

Recent Greeting Cards

Two cards I've drawn lately, for a birthday and a secret santa gift.  Usually I draw things large and then print them out onto cards, but drawing directly onto the card is very satisfying as well.  I really enjoyed making the minimalist/etched dog drawing; I may have to try out more of those.  The dinosaurs are essentially a coloring book page I drew and then colored in myself (forgetting to scan in the original outline, so I cannot make more! silly mistake).  I ended up taking this photo and pulling the original line drawing out of it through a process I like to call "erasing a lot of stuff."  Hoping to get to do more art this winter!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012