Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Costumes: Spartan from 300 the movie

There is not a whole lot to the costumes from 300 the movie.  I made a spear, shield, cape and broach, and arm and leg guards.  The cape was pretty much just a red piece of cloth.  In fact it was exactly that.  The broach was made the same way the elven broach was made.  I carved the shape out of pink insulation foam, and painted it.  I painted the whole thing black, then added in a layer of brown, and then dry brushed on gold.  The gold and brown combination works well for a bronze final color.

The shin guards and arm guards were made from empty pringles cans.  I cut off the bottom, and cut the cans down the middle to open them up.  I spray painted them brown, then lightly gold, and stapled elastic bands onto the back.  They worked well for the arms, but unfortunately the cans are too short to make for good leg guards.   

The spear was a piece of PCV pipe with a wooden point glued to the top.  I spray painted it like everything else, but the PVC doesn't take paint well. 

The shield was by far my favorite part to make (and very simple).  I took a snow sled, the round sort, and drilled four holes into it.  I painted it black, then brown, then gold.  I used brown shoe strings to make arm holds.  If you don't have access to sleds, plastic trash can lids would probably also work well, assuming they don't crack when you drill them.