Saturday, May 8, 2010

Green Stuff

There is a fun material called, coloquially, 'Green Stuff,' which is amazing for sculpting on a very tiny scale.  It is actually Epoxy Putty Tape.  It comes in strips of blue and yellow, and when you mix the two components you get a green putty that can be mixed to your own preferences (how sticky it is) and hardens over roughly 24 hours.  It is a great medium to work with for art.  You can also use it for fixing things.  

My first experiment with green stuff was this spider.  It's just a green stuff spider on a rock, which I then painted with a fake gold leaf.  

Becoming more ambitious, I made this Gollum, a la Lord of the Rings, who is on a barkchip rock.  I use densitry tools and toothpicks for shaping the material.     

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