Thursday, May 13, 2010

Costumes: Elven Brooch

A few years ago I made four of these for some hobbits.  No good cloak is complete without one, so here's how I made it:

I carved the main shape out of pink insulation foam.  It's not a great substance in terms of durability, but is very shape-able and fit my needs well.  The wire part is done in three pieces.  There are two half circles (a small and large) and the longer, winding piece.  It was a little tricky to get the wire to loop around through itself like that, but not terribly difficult.  I glued the wire down.  I then painted the leaf two shades of green to give it a little extra depth, then painted on the silver filigree and actually also painted the wire the same silver color.  I varnished the whole thing to give it a bit more shine.  I then glued a pin backing to the back of the piece so I could attach it to a cloak.  

Or you can just buy one

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