Sunday, September 19, 2010

DIY Batman Costume: Bat Belt

The full costume here. Traditionally, batman has a gold belt, but I thought it would be better to make the belt black to fit in.  To start I took a strip of black fake leather and cut two holes into either end.  These are wide enough to fit a strip of Velcro, and I threaded that through all four holes to make a clasp.

For a 'belt buckle' I made another batarang and then put a strip of one-sided sticky velcro onto it.  It can then stick onto the front velcro clasp of the belt.

To accompany the buckle, I also found a cheap used black leather cell phone case and put two more holes into the belt and added a small loop of Velcro that can hold a flashlight or what-have-you.

For the sides of the belt I took strips of black plastic and cut them into rough V shapes and then attached them with Goop.  
Or if you want to just buy one:


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