Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Shower Favors: Rose in Small Vase

Recently I made guest favors for a wedding shower.  We have a red rose bush in bloom which had lots of flowers, but none of them had long stems.
To work around this, I got lots of small vases (actually votive candle holders, very inexpensive), so the roses would seem to be the correct size.

To make it a little extra classy, I put polished river rocks (the sort of thing you would find to fill vases/glass lamps/etc at pottery barn) at the bottom of the vases.  I had considered glass jewels or the like, but decided it would be too ostentatious.

I also got another candle holder so I could try floating a rose.  It worked

out pretty well.

To make the blooms last longer, cut the flowers in the morning and at an angle

All Cut Flower ideas here.

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  1. I am glad that I have forced you to be more creative because of all my random party and gift needs. Incredible job with these by the way! They also provided excellent party decorations :)