Saturday, June 26, 2010

Canon Powershot SD980 IS Macro Photos: Phalaenopsis Orchids

bout half (if not more) of the photos posted on this blog involve the macro setting on my digital camera.  The first digital camera I had was a Canon Powershot SD600, which had a rockin' macro mode.  When I upgraded to a Powershot SD980IS, the macro function improved as well.  This is by far my favorite thing about these cameras.  There is nothing too small for them to take amazing pictures of, and it's incredibly helpful when my art doings involve predominantly things that are less than a square foot.  I use this setting for any time I'm within a foot or two of the object I'm trying to shoot (or an inch or two).  Of course, as with any photo, they turn out best in full sunlight.  As an example, here are two phalaenopsis (moth) orchids (my IKEA orchid and my new Whole Foods orchid).  The second photo is a zoomed in version.  More macro photos here.

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