Sunday, June 27, 2010

3D Orchids and More

Now that TV is apparently going to be 3D soon, I thought I'd make some 3D photos (sans glasses).  Just cross your eyes until the images line up.  It helps (a lot!) to be a few feet away from your computer screen.  The photos are made by taking two photos of the same object, but moving the camera a few inches to the right for the second photo (this will also require adjusting the angle of the camera).  What you are trying to do is replicate the two images that a person is always seeing through their two eyes.  If the photos are taken from eye distance apart at an object that is a few feet away, the result is a 3D effect.  When you cross your eyes, you are overlapping your right eye view and your left eye view, just like in real life.  Objects taken from closer than a few feet require less of a distance between camera shots.  


  1. you need to make something like this:

  2. Nice 3D orchid photos! I think I just might try this one myself, but I’m not quite sure about the crossing the eyes part though. LOL. Anyways, I’m glad to finally come across a “do-able” 3D trick.