Saturday, December 19, 2020

DIY Hogsmeade Christmas Village: Dog Walkers Conversion

This year it's been a little harder to go to second hand stores for old Christmas Village supplies to repurpose, but I did get a pair of Lemax Christmas figures to paint.  Like my previous figures, I painted them in colors to correspond to one of the Hogwarts Houses, in this case Gryffindor and Slytherin.  

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The painting system I use is simple; first I paint the figures white, then I block colors for each section.  For Slytherin I used greens, black, and silver primarily.  For the Gryffindor I used reds, browns, and gold mostly.  The red jacket is a different color (Santa Red) than the red sweater (Burgundy).  Next I do dark washes with either black (for greens/grays/silver or dark brown) or dark brown (for reds and lighter browns) paint diluted with water.  Finally I do highlights by dry-brushing light colors onto the trim/edges.  So for example the yellow dog is a honey brown base, a dark brown wash, then a honey brown-mixed-with-white drybrush to highlight the fur.  

The fine details came last; the eyes, nose, and collar are all just solid colors.  It's hard to paint the fine details, but for example for the eyes it was easy to just dap the area brown and then re-paint whatever spilled onto the fur.  For the eyes I did small white dots, then very very small brown or blue dots.  Having a very fine tip brush is key! I painted the bases white last, since I knew I would be spilling paint on them constantly during the process.      

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