Sunday, November 29, 2020

della Robbia Christmas Wreath DIY

I was inspired by an episode of Holiday Home Makeover to try to make a Lucca della Robbia-inspired Christmas wreath.  It was a pretty simple task overall and I'm quite pleased with the result!  You could also call it a citrus wreath.  


18 inch fake pine wreath

Mini fake oranges

Mini fake lemons

Fake Cranberry sprigs and leaves

Gold glitter spray paint (I used Rustoleum Imagine Gold)

Hot glue gun


First I made the layout.  I trimmed the cranberry sprigs to separate the leaves and the berries.  I made two groups of lemons and two groups of oranges, then added cranberries in between.  Finally I added a lot of leaves all over.  

Happy with my layout, I took a photo and then took the whole thing apart so I could spray the leaves and fruit with the glitter gold.   I did a mild spray: I wanted a good shimmer on everything but didn't want to turn it all solid gold.  

Once the paint had dried, I put everything back on the wreath in place, then went through piece by piece and attached them with a hot glue gun.  Notably I did this inside a large cardboard box to try to keep the glitter under control.  And that's it! Lucca della Robbia inspired Christmas Wreath.

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