Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wedding Centerpieces: Succulents

Recently had a wedding and we decided that we would make all our own centerpieces. We made three types: Orchids, Vines, and Succulents.  Here is how we made the succulent dishes!

For the orchids, click here

For the Bird Cage Vines, click here

Each dish contains one big succulent in the center and numerous smaller succulents (5-10) around the edges.  The more succulents you can get into the pot, the better it will look!  We started with the big center succulents; make sure they are big enough considering how large of pots you are using.

The smaller succulents are then added around the large succulents in a circle, making the pots as full as possible.  The most important thing is to have as little substrate (dirt)showing as possible.  We used a mix of 50/50 perlite and dirt, which helped keep the pots super light and easy to move around.  A lot of the smaller succulents are trimmings from other plants and don't yet have full root systems so we just stuck them directly into the dirt. 

Once all the succulents and dirt were in place, we started covering the top with a layer of pebbles.  I bought the pebbles in a bulk bag used for landscaping, and they came covered in mud, so they needed to be washed first. 

 The dirt was completely covered with pebbles.  Had we been more creative we also could have alternated pebble color and such.

Finally, we added a ribbon around each pot before putting them on the tables.  

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