Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oxalis (Shamrock) Propagation

How to divide Oxalis:
I have two great oxalis plants (a green and a red/burgundy) that I have been propagating recently for friends.  I suppose more accurately I have just been dividing the plants; they are propagating themselves.

It is very simple to propagate an Oxalis: simply dig up a few of the roots (they look like little pine cones), and replant them upright in a new pot.  I usually put them in with either the very tip sticking out of the dirt or just underneath the dirt (either way has worked for me).  The one tricky thing is that the existing leaves will wilt off these roots (I just trim them off), but don't worry!  Keep giving them water periodically, and in a few days to weeks they will sprout anew!  I have been mixing green and burgundy plants together to make mixed pots.
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