Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY St Patrick's Day Irish Temporary Tattoos: Caran D'Ache

Some easy, quick temporary tattoos to make St Patrick's day a little more green!
For the basics of how to use Caran D'Ache face paints, click here

Clover: Start with the black outline.  A four leaf clover is essentially 4 hearts pointed in at each other, each taking up 90 degrees (the base of each heart makes a right angle).  Fill in with green.  Add accents with a lighter green.  Add further accents with white.  Go back over with the original green color to blend.  

Irish Flag: Start with the basic outline of the entire flag (I include one 'wave' in it).  Fill in green, white, orange.  Add a little black then blend it to gray to make one side of the white section of the flag appear to be behind the other.  You'll notice I ended up switching where my 'wave' line was.  I also blend a little black into the edges of the green and orange. 

Celtic Cross: Start with the cross itself.  I imagine the center corners as full circles.  Add the back circle next.  Fill the cross in green and the circle yellow.  Add white accents.  Blend in with green and yellow. 

Lyre:  Start with basic outline.  Add accents and strings.  Fill in yellow.  Add white accent, blend in with yellow.  In the past I've also used orange to make these slightly more fancy, but yellow and white is plenty. 

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