Monday, August 1, 2011

Oil Pastels: a first attempt

I've been wanting to try out oil pastels for awhile now.  They are a new medium for me, so I thought it would be an interesting challenge, and I really like what you can do with them.  They are also a good way to make art with a lot of color without breaking out a paint set (which tends to be a lot more effort and mess).  For my first study I tried out a Monet.

  (note these are not the oil pastels I used, but I bought a similarly cheap set to start with)


  1. Curious.... They are not oil pastels yet the Title for this post is "Oil Pastels" They look like oil pastels, they are chunking the way oil pastels do. Although they don't have that sheen that oil pastels get. But that could be the lighting.

    Keep it up. Oil Pastels are great. Its like finger painting for adults, the way you can blend and mix the oils together once they're laid down. Awesome. Nice mark making.

  2. They don't really have a sheen to them, but they were very cheap, so that could be why. They are super fun to use, and make my hands colorful.