Monday, April 25, 2011

Photo List of Plants for Shade Garden

This is a list (with photos) of the plants I used in my landscaping project on the shady hill in front of my house.  Apologies for the bad photos, they are close-ups from larger shots. 

Ajuga reptans:  A nice ground cover.  Has colorful leaves and little blue flowers. 

Astilbe (astilbe chinensis): Has nice bright flowers for a shade plant, in a variety of colors (red, pink, purple, white and possibly others).

Brunnera macrophylla: I have two different types of this; 'emerald myst' and 'jack frost.'  They have nice big leaves with interesting patterns, and help add texture to the landscape.  Also have very pretty little blue flowers in the spring.

Cimicifuga racemosa:  Another good texture addition.  Leaves can be green to dark burgandy. 

Coral Bells (heuchera villosa):  Available in a variety of colors, with varying degrees of shade tolerance.

Bleeding Hearts (dicentra spectabilis): A very bright flowering plant that grows large in the spring but then fades back during the rest of the summer.  Available with green or gold foliage.

Hosta (hosta fortunei):  The standard filler for shade gardens.  They come in different sizes, colors, and patterns, and are extremely hardy and amazing. 

 Japanese spurge (pachysandra terminalis): Another ground cover, this one spreads quickly and is evergreen. 

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