Thursday, August 12, 2010

Garden Addition: Varying Heights

This is really just me being addicted to planting things, or possibly hating grass, but the garden addition was continued on with a further addition.  I added two day lilies of two different sizes and a medium and tall liatris (the fuzzy purple and white ones).  In this photo you can see everything from the towering 7 foot tall rosebush (back left) to the low to the ground salvia (bottom left). 
These gave me a bit more height to the garden along with more colors.  In the photos here, the plants are obviously not very thick or lush.  These plantings are done in the expectation that next year they will come back stronger and fuller, so I'm OK with them not being great for now.  You can see the two sizes of day lilies on the left.  On the right there are the multiple levels of the salvia, which has flower spikes that come from very low to the ground, black eyed susans, which bloom around a foot or so off the ground, the liatris, which has multiple foot spikes, and finally the tall yellow day lily, which is four feet high or so.  On the prairie theme, the liatris is a native, though day lilies of course are not (this is why the day lilies are off to one corner while the liatris is mixed around the black-eyed susans).

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