Sunday, December 3, 2017

DIY: Quick and Easy Glowing Window Decorations

Our newest 'Christmas' decoration this year; a glowing nerd symbol!

Total time to make: 10 minutes. Total happiness: Immeasurable.

Cardboard box
Duct tape
Marker or pencil
Tissue paper (like for presents, not for sneezing)


1) Cut down the cardboard box flat.  For my box I had to cut it in half, then tape the two parts together to make a big enough square.  (not pictured)

2) Draw your symbol/image/words of choice.  (not pictured)

3) Cut out your symbol/image/words of choice.  (not pictured, sorry! I forgot to take pictures until halfway through!)

4) Tape tissue paper to one side of the cardboard.  

5) BONUS: Use black duct tape to cover the cardboard and make the image stand out better

6) Place decoration in a window; tissue paper facing inward. Place a lamp next to the decoration.  NOTE: tissue paper is flammable! Keep a distance between the lamp and the decoration! I'm using a compact fluorescent which doesn't get quite as hot as an incandescent bulb AND the lamp is still a good distance from the decoration.  Don't set the house on fire!

7) Bask in the glory of your new home decoration!

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