Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Screen Printing: Coveralls

My coveralls were very plain and boring, so I decided to screen print them.  I used a new screen this time; a fine wire mesh stapled to a wooden frame.  The screen was originally made for making home-made paper, but it worked really well for screen printing, so I may start making my own screens this way.  The one thing you need to be careful with is that when you wash your screen to re-use it, the glue can come off, so you need to be gentle/re-touch between use (and I would recommend doing all the prints you need in one sitting so you don't need to wash the screen between prints).  For more on the basics of screen printing click here. For all my posts on screen printing, click here.


  1. Yes I need to be gentle/retouch between use him. So, its style looking very amazing and meaningful. Very stylish picture to use his segment. 3D printing technology is the greatest technology of the world.

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