Friday, March 4, 2011

More Poison Dart Frogs

Buoyed by the success of my first clay and wire frog, I decided to make a few more of different colors.  I made them in the exact same manner, with a clay body and wire for the forelegs, and then painted them according to different species' color patterns
                                                            See the original how-to here!

Left to Right, I now have a Bumblebee poison dart frog, a Strawberry poison dart frog (Blue Jeans color morph), a Dyeing poison dart frog, and a (aptly named) Green and Black poison dart frog.  They have taken up residence in my orchids (though they are better suited to bromeliads), and I'm quite pleased with them :)


  1. I want a real poison dart frog. I think it will be my next pet of all my fish decided to die at once (which has never happened to me before, I can't see it happening now).

  2. I do too, that's why I ended up doing this. It's also a good excuse to grow tropical plants indoors (most tanks have bromeliads for them to hop around in).

  3. Coz, do I look like I need another excuse to grow plants indoors?

  4. Anuran Art DesignsApril 23, 2011 at 5:30 PM

    I breed poison dart frogs and just wanted to say nice work. I am also a professional sculptor and opening up a company called Anuran Art Designs. Basically I am creating a line of frog statues for hobbyists and frog fans. These are resin statues, handmade by me, and I will be officially unveiling them at frog day in May. I am a frog nut so these are perfect to combine my love for art and frogs.

    This is my first 2 prototypes. Mint and Orange Terribilis.

    Thank you for looking and hope you like them. I love how they came out but the picture washed out detailing. I switched from a cheap sculpey clay to a hard clay called Chavant. So some of the detailing I missed in the first sculpture will be 10X better in later sculptures.

    Thank you and hope you enjoy. Found your page on a google search. Email me at if you wanna chat about making frogs. I know a lot of awesome techniques so you don't have to sculpt each one by hand like that. Much easier to make a mold and save yourself the headache. Then you'd get many more done and in a better material. They look great though!

  5. stumbled here looking for froggie inspiration to make Christmas ornaments. These are awesome!