Sunday, February 20, 2011

Artfully Arranging Flowers: Three Roses for Valentines

Flower arranging is nothing unique of course, but this year I tried to make a Valentines arrangement that would stand out a bit, or at least not just be a vase packed with flowers.  I looked at a lot of arrangements available online, and eventually was inspired to make this.

The supplies are: A square-ish vase, smooth river stones, two glass hearts (not necessary, but add a nice touch), and three roses with some greenery and baby's breath (the tiny white flowers).

I put the rocks in the vase and put the hearts on top.  I debated mixing the hearts deeper into the rocks, but I didn't have enough to make them stand out and not just get buried.  If you're using a lot of glass beads or something similar, you could just mix them with the stones.  Next I cut the roses to three separate lengths, each long enough to have the stem reach the bottom of the base, and each one a flower longer than the last.  I decided to have the red rose the main flower, so it was the longest.  Place the roses into the vase and make sure the rocks are holding them well in place.  Finally, accent the roses with the baby's breath (cut so that it will be below the height of the rose flowers) and tall greenery in the back.   See the diagram for heights and numbers of materials.  Of course, don't forget water!

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